Tapa Leech Oil (Minyak Lintah Tapa)

Tapa Leech Oil (Minyak Lintah Tapa)

Tapa Leech Oil Benefits

Large, long and tense.
Long lasting.
Add in sex.
Strengthens the penis.
Restore elasticity of veins urinary tract and semen.
Restoring the genital nerves.
Launched ejaculations.
Practice Abstinence Tapa Leech Oil

1. Do not pee in the water. For example, while bathing in the river, pool or the such.

2. Do not continue wash or apply water on your penis after sexual intercourse or masturbation. Allow half an hour to a good result.

3. Do not do sex in the air-conditioned rooms.

4. Do not use soap during masturbation or any chemicals, drugs and no alcohol or drugs.

5. Do not eat embroidered water. Leave half an hour after eating before water is taken.

6. Do not use any numbing medicine (durable).

7. Not discouraged you cunt sucked by your partner as it can cause prostate vein is not functioning properly. Prostate is actually to warm up and blood flow. (Should abstinence-7 is not followed, your blood will be cold).

8. It is not advisable to take cold foods. Always take hot food (hot) and fresh (fresh).

9. Always urinate on a hard as a rock, "cement, or the such.

10. After having sex or masturbating, make sure you massage the back from the base to the front or to the head of your penis at least 2-3 times.

11. Apply this oil for at least 40 days and apply it daily.

12. Make sure you are not suffering from diabetes (diabetes) .; If you have the disease, the treatment is a MUST. Make sure you take diabetes medication.

13. If you have diabetes, make sure that you do not get the treatment of back pain unit sir, pubic veins can break

14. Make sure you put on Tapa Leech Oil after a shower - so your penis, constantly wetted by the oil within 40 days

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